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Meet the Team

Evan Luthra

Evan is an accredited Angel Investor and invests in a variety of products and businesses. From being the first investor over snapchat , to an early investor in (Fastest growing on-demand Tech company in 2016) and Wheelys Cafe (Top 15 company to watch out in 2017 by INC) to most recently investing in the seed round of (The billion dollar Crypto Currency.

With an expertise in building businesses, unmatched knowledge and the courage to turn ideas into businesses, he is also known as a technology pioneer by leading media companies and publications. To name a few, Business Insider, Times of India, Forbes,, VICE and Nextshark covered stories for his resilience.

Bibin Babu

Bibin Babu is a young Entreprenuer and an accredited investor. He has the coveted ability to turn ideas into business that are profitable . He built his first company named “Solution Hub” during his graduation and took a succesfull exit from it before moving to California for further career opportunities.

Bibin invests in technology and innovative companies and startups with special interest in Edu-tech, Social marketing, Artificial Intelligence , Blockchain and IoT. He is on the board of number of companies in various parts of the globe. Bibin is ranked amongst Top 5 Whiz Kids of India by “India Today”. His hands on experience in development with Google and Cisco helps him drill down deep into tech products.

He is on board of several companies namely Proviar Pvt Ltd, Markup Business Solutions, Innovior , Vedam Tea etc.

MG Dutta

Mohan has started his career as an entrepreneur as a teenager. He started his career as a real estate developer and also developed a Sales Partner Firm for Major Developers of the country. He completed his higher education with post graduate in Marketing and joined India Bulls. Mohan has been responsible for Online Sales and Real Estate Sales of the organization. He has also worked with companies like Convergys India and American Express Services India Pvt Ltd.he has a vast experience in Financial Projections and getting businesses to become profitable with Strategic Planning and Alliances. Currently, he has been working on Blockchain Technology for the last few years. He is working on Blockchain Implementations and Blockchain Related Training Programs.