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Courses & certifications designed to impart knowledge & experience of Blockchain Technology in a short Duration.

Our Distinguished faculty

Evan Luthra

Ravinder Deol

Bibin Babu

Sameep Singhania

Ritin Gandharva

Srikant Jallapuram

●   What Will I Learn?

- Have a strong understanding of what blockchain technology is.

- Ethereum Solidity Project End-to-End: From the idea, prototype, to the final product.

- The working knowledge you need in blockchain and Bitcoin.

- Internship Program with existing blockchain development firms to fully equip learners.

- Online tutorial & doubt resolution classes.

- Online resources for continuous learning & updates.

●   Why Should I learn?

- W.E.F, 18% of the world's GDP will be on Blockchain related technologies by 2025

- Avg Starting Salary for blockchain developer - $85,000

- Blockchain technology will have major application in healthcare, finance, education & logistics

- The market, globally for blockchain related products and services is expected to reach USD 7.7 billion in 2022

- Number of blockchain related jobs posted on the Indeed website rose by 290 percent in 2017.

Why Only Blockspace Training?

Holistic Learning

Learning via online & offline mode which includes live virtual lectures, case studies, use cases, and interactive lecture Sessions

Global Certification

Internationally recognized certification for boundless career development & learning prospects.

Industry Tie-Up

Hands-on experience of working on live blockchain projects for the entire duration of the course.

Employment Assistance

Internship & placement program for learners immediately after completing the program.

Event Access

Unrestricted access for learners to Blockchain events & conferences organized by Blockspace.

Lifetime Learning

Continuous access to updated information & course literature even after completion of course.

Blockchain Technology will do what internet did in 1990's. Change industries, create new methods to operate businesses, & give rise to multi-million dollar organizations. So the ones joining the revolution today will be the entrepreneurs & business leaders of tomorrow providing jobs & a better way of life for all.

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Select Course
Duration (Hours)
Programming Skills Needed

    Ideal for students & blockchain enthusiasts

  • Anyone wanting to understand Blockchain
  • Blockchain concepts
  • Introduction to cryptocurrencies
  • Basics for smart contracts & decentralized applications
  • Blockchain programming for promising career prospects
  • Blockchain technology architecture(Great for architects)
  • Coding for multiple blockchain structures

    Ideal for Managers and Engineers whose company is venturing into finance/commerce space

  • Designing a working blockchain network
  • The steps in building a smart contract
  • Master the concepts of distributed ledger technology
  • Understand the consensus algorithms
  • Learn cryptographic and hash algorithms
  • Blockchain programming for coders
  • Technologists interested in learning Ethereum Blockchain
  • Architects wanting to expand their skills to Blockchain technology
  • Developers willing to learn Blockchain by doing that is coding

    Ideal for Business Analysts, Investors Individuals & organisations interested in the in-depth concepts of Blockchain

  • Advanced Smart Contracts
  • Ethereum Test Environment Setup
  • Contract Deployment for Blockchain Environment
  • Blockchain Use Cases for Entrepeneurs and Managers
  • Hyperldger & MultiChain: Set Up a Private Blockchain
  • Working Professional developers can become expert blockchain developers
  • Specialization in Solidity and Ethereum
  • Blockchain programming for multiple career prospects
  • Architects wanting to expand their skills to Blockchain technology

    Ideal for aspiring programmers, Investors and entrepreneurs

  • Layers and components of blockchain
  • Designing a working blockchain network
  • The programming language of blockchain platform
  • Understand the consensus algorithms and its types
  • Develop Smart Contracts and decentralized applications
  • Students preparing for their successful future careers
  • Banking and financing professionals interested in cutting-edge innovation
  • Business executives and managers interested in the potential impact of blockchain
  • Entrepreneurs looking to boost their existing business models and complement their ideas with the power of blockchain
  • Legal and accounting professionals interested in the new market opportunities with blockchain
  • Legal professionals interested to participate in shaping the legal and regulatory framework around blockchain
  • Government officials, regulators, and other public sector professionals can understand the potential impact on business, the economy, and society
  • Tech enthusiasts interested in the latest developments in the blockchain
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to invest in Cryptocurrency and doesn't know where to start
  • Aspiring Cryptocurrency investors
  • Anyone Who Wants To Begin There Journey With Cryptocurrency Trading.
  • Anyone who wants the mentality to survive in the Cryptocurrency game, whether it is overcoming a fall in a coin to an entire market crash!
  • Anyone who wants to have access to all the hottest Cryptocurrencies that are available right now!
  • Anyone who is already into trading and wants to learn more profit making techniques.
  • Anyone looking for a long career in Crypto industry.

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  • This is the only place to learn coding on Blockchain. I am beginning to be able to develop smart contracts myself now.

    - Shrenic Tejawat IIT Delhi

  • This is the only place to learn coding on Blockchain. I am beginning to be able to develop smart contracts myself now.

    - Navendu Vats IIT Delhi

  • Awesome faculty. Awesome explanation on topics. I really appreciate the Support team. They are really doing a fantastic job. All my queries were answered in no time.

    -Apurv Rochan DTU